Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) are essential and versatile tools for the development of innovative materials and architectures that are the heart of modern nanotechnology.

The conference is part of the biennial series of European CVD conferences, which started in Paris (1977), and the Baltic ALD series launched as Atomic Layer Epitaxy Symposium in Helsinki (1991). As one of the leading meetings for process and materials development, this conference will be a showcase of the forefront research addressing up-to-date challenges and state-of-the-art chemical processing from the gas phase (CVD, ALD, Energy-assisted CVD/ALD, MOVPE, RIE, ALE). The conference will cover processes that are performed under atmospheric pressure, low vacuum and ultra-high vacuum, and also processes that are assisted thermally or with other means such plasma, plasmon, light, electrical field and hot wire.

The EuroCVD 22 – Baltic ALD 16 offered a high quality scientific program with invited and contributed lectures in key development areas based on chemical processing from the gas phase.


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