A non-exhaustive list of the priority topics is listed below in a programme that accommodates four types of slots along the event.

Main session - Technology perspectives

The main session will address technology perspectives that are common to participants with various backgrounds: CVD or ALD specialists, Physicists or Chemists, Experts or early career researchers, Fundamental/Applied scientists or industrial researchers. Each of these sessions will be introduced by an invited presentation from a pioneer in the field.

  • Simulation and in situ monitoring to generate theoretical models, as a basis for fundamental understanding towards optimization and scale-up.
  • Advanced surface chemistries for etch and deposition with special focus on area selective treatments.
  • High-throughput and atmospheric pressure gas-phase processes
  • Epitaxial and textured growth of structural and functional coatings
  • Gas-phase synthesis of organic and hybrid coatings

Invited speakers: Simon Elliott (Schrodinger, Irland),  Lisa McElwee-White (University of Florida, USA),  Masataka Hasegawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and technology, Japan),  Rob Ameloot (KU Leuven, Belgium) and Gerard Vignoles (University of Bordeaux - France)

Parallel sessions - Technology and application oriented perspectives

The two-parallel sessions addressed specific technology and application-oriented perspectives. For each session, we invited an established researcher in the field to speak on:

  • Deposition of / on single and multilayered materials (CNT, graphene, chalcogenides…)
  • Gas-phase synthesis of nanostructured coatings (multilayers, nanocomposites…)
  • Gas-phase synthesis of functional and smart complex oxides (Optical coatings, Electro/thermochromic oxides, chemo-sensitive oxides, optical and resistive switching materials, topological materials, materials with engineered defects...)
  • Structural coatings and surface engineering (coating of powder, Protective and decorative coatings, carbon-based coatings)
  • Functional coatings and surface functionalization  for energy (storage, harvesting, efficiency and thermal management) and for biology (hydrophilic, antibacterial, biocompatible, antibiofouling...)

Invited speakers: Joan Redwing (Penn State University, USA), Yukihiro Shimogaki (University of Tokyo, Japan), Cheol Seong Hwang ( Seoul National University, Korea), Ruud van Ommen (Technical University Delf, Netherland), Yinzhu Jiang (Zhejiang University, China) and André Strittmatter (Otto-von-Guericke- University, Germany)

Poster sessions

In a convivial atmosphere, the poster sessions have been planned thematically and spatially in the conference hall to cover all above-mentioned topics in the late afternoon.

Evening session - Tutorials 

The early evening session was devoted to tutorials in the form of seminars or round tables on three topics:  

  • Developing Scientific Leadership
  • Art of communicating with impact
  • Challenges for industrial application of ALD and CVD (throughput, defectivity, large scale, material limitations, capital and running costs...)
  • From Lab to Fab: Innovation, Innovation management, Entrepreneurial spirit and National/European enabling tools
  • Current and near-future European funding instruments (with focus on aerospace applications)

Satellite event - Early Career Investigators Workshop

The Early Career Investigators (ECI) network is an essential part of the COST Action HERALD. In future, the scope will be widened to “Atomic or Angström Level Processing”. Regular workshops are organized to help the next generation of scientists to establish themselves as research leaders in the community.

The three main themes of the workshop were:

  • “Creativity – Make Your Ideas Thrive”
  • “Self Efficiency”
  • “Facilitating Meetings”.

Theory was brought to life by practical exercises in small groups to ensure a memorable experience that find its way into daily work.

More details are available online.


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