The global programme of the the EuroCVD 22 – Baltic ALD 16 | 2019 organised in Luxembourg from June 24 to 28, 2019 was planned as followed.

>>> The detailed programme for each day is available online.

>>> PDF version of the programme.

June 2019 08.00-09.00 9.00-12.30 Lunch break 13.30-17.00 17.00 18:00-19:00

Monday June 24

Registration & welcome coffee

Welcome speech

(A) Structural coatings and surface engineering (Room 1)

Invited speaker: Ruud van Ommen (Technical University Delft, Netherland)


(B) Deposition of / on single and multilayered materials (Room 1)

Invited speaker: Joan Redwing (Penn State University, USA)

(C) Epitaxial and textured growth of structural and functional coatings (Room 2)

Invited speaker: André Strittmatter (Institut für Experimentelle Physik – FNW, Germany)

Welcome Drink

Tutorial I - From Lab to Fab: Innovation Management

(Room 1)

Tutor/speaker: Bruno Wozniak (SES, Luxembourg)

Tuesday June 25 Registration & welcome coffee

(D) Simulation and in situ monitoring to generate theoretical models, as a basis for fundamental understanding towards optimization and scale-up -


(Room 1)

Invited speaker: Simon Elliott (Schrodinger, Ireland)


13.30-15.40 (E) High-throughput and atmospheric pressure gas-phase processes (Room 1)

Invited speaker: Masataka Hasegawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and technology, Japan)

13.30-17.00 (F) Gas-phase synthesis of organic and hybrid coatings (Room 2)

Invited speaker: Rob Ameloot (KU Leuven, Belgium)

15.40-17.00 (G) Structural coatings and surface engineering (coating of powder, Protective and decorative coatings, carbon-based coatings) (Room 1)

Poster Session I

Tutorial II - From Lab to Fab: Challenges for industrial application of ALD and CVD

(Room 1)

Moderator: Michael Hitchman

Chemical provider: Christian Dussarrat (Air Liquide Laboratories, Japan)

Equipement supplier: Tero Pilvi (Picosun, Finland)

Metrology: Christophe Defranoux(Semilab, Hungary)

Wednesday June 26

Registration & welcome coffee

(H) Advanced surface chemistries for etch and deposition with special focus on area selective treatments (Room 1) - End 12.50

Invited speaker: Lisa McElwee-White (University of Florida, USA)

  14.00-16.30 - Excursion Dinner (Departure 17.00 - end 22.30)
Thursday June 27 Registration & welcome coffee

(I) Functional coatings and surface functionalization  for energy and for biology (Room 1)

Invited speaker: Yinzhu Jiang (Zhejiang University, China)


13.30-16.00 (J) Gas-phase synthesis of nanostructured coatings (Room 1)

Invited speaker: Yukihiro Shimogaki (University of Tokyo, Japan)

13.30-16.00 (K) Gas-phase chemical synthesis of materials for filling structures with 3D topographies (Room 2)

Invited speaker: Gerard Vignoles (University of Bordeaux - France)

16.00-17.00 (L) (M) Functional coatings and surface functionalization  for energy and for biology (Rooms 1 & 2)

Poster Session II

Tutorial III - From Fab to Lab: Entrepreneurium (R2IE2) – a newly discovered composite state found hidden sub surface in talented researchers

(Room 1)

Dr. Pranjul Shah, Head of the Incubator (University of Luxembourg, researcher and a serial entrepreneur, Luxembourg)

Friday June 28

Registration & welcome coffee

(N) Gas-phase synthesis of functional and smart complex oxides (Room 1)

Invited speaker: Cheol Seong Hwang ( Seoul National University, Korea)


4th Early Career Investigator workshop on “Boosting your Creativity and Efficiency as a Group”

(Room 2)



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