09.00 - Welcome speech

Thomas Kallstenius, Chief Executive Officer, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) (LU)

Chaired by Naoufal Bahlawane, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

09.20 - Scalable Manufacturing of Nanostructured Particles using Atomic Layer Deposition - Ruud van Ommen (Technical University Delft, NL)

10.00 - Atomic layer deposition for spacecraft applications - Adomaitis Raymond (USA)

10.20 - Amorphous chromium carbide coatings: low temperature DLI-MOCVD growth and characterization - Michau Alexandre (FR)

10.40 - Coffee break

11.10 - Tantalum based hard coatings by CVD - Mandy Hoehn (DE)

11.30 - High rate lithium ion batteries via ALD infiltration of LiCoO2 - Povey Ian (IRL)

11.50 - Rational design of new NHC-stabilized copper (I) amide complexes for the deposition of copper containing nanostructures - Nils Boysen (DE)

12.10 - Cavity filling and superconformally selective nanocoatings by capillary condensation  - Ville A. Lovikka (FI)

Chaired by Bianca Rita Pistillo, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

13.30 - Wafer-scale epitaxial growth of single crystal transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition - Joan Redwing (Penn State University, USA)

14.10 - Thermal-CVD of carbon nanotubes with controlled morphology - Jagalur Basheer (LU)

14.30 - The nucleation and radial growth of thin film coatings on inert surfaces - Utke Ivo (CH)

14.50 - A comparative study of low-temperature BN ALD in thermal and plasma-enhanced modes - Apaydin R. Oguzhan (NL)

15.10 - Coffee break

15.40 - Orientation-controlled, low-temperature plasma growth and applications of C doped h-BN nanosheets - Merenkov Ivan (RU)

16.00 - MOCVD of transition metal dichalcogenides: Sensing and hydrogen evolution reaction studies on MoS2 and WS2 - Wree Jan-Lucas (DE)

16.20 - Highly uniform Al2O3 ultra-thin layers by seed-layer-free Atomic Layer Deposition onto monolayer epitaxial Graphene on 4H-SiC - Emanuela Schiliro (IT)

16.40 - ALD growth of ultra-thin Co layers on the topological insulator Sb2Te3 - Longo Emanuele (IT)


Chaired by Susan Krumdieck, University of Canterbury (UK)

13.30 - Concepts for local epitaxial growth - André Strittmatter (Institut für Experimentelle Physik – FNW, DE)

14.10 - From process modelling to the evaluation of superconducting properties of ultrathin films of epitaxial niobium nitride - Jacquemin Manoel (FR)

14.30 - Atomic layer deposition of InN using trimethylindium and ammonia plasma - Deminskyi Petro (SE)

14.50 - Van der Waals epitaxy of 2D materials using atomic layer deposition - Mattinen Miika (FI)

15.10 - Coffee break

15.40 - Relationship Processing–Composition–Structure–Resistivity of LaNiO3 Thin Films Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition Methods - Vincent Astié (FR)

16.00 - Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors Behind the Large Remanent Polarization of La:HfO2 - Schenk Tony (LU)

16.20 - Growth mechanism of uniform silver nanoparticles by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition - Wack Sabrina (LU)

16.40 - Insight into the formation of 3D structures during atomic layer deposition of WS2 - Bloodgood Matthew(NL)

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