Chaired by Mikko Ritala, University of Helsinki (FI)

09.00 - How spectator adsorbates affect surface reactivity: computing the cooperative effect by automated enumeration of reaction pathways - Simon Elliott (Schrodinger, IRL)

09.40 - In-situ study of ammonium bromide formation for optimizing boron nitride ALD from BBr3 and NH3 - Onnink Arnoud J. (NL)

10.00 - Kinetic analysis on TiAlN-CVD to construct reaction model - Yamaguchi Jun (JP)

10.20 - Time-resolved in-situ mass spectrometry for monitoring and identifying reaction products in ALD processes - Werbrouck Andreas (BE)

10.40 - Coffee break

11.10 - From precursor design to growth mechanisms - ab initio modelling of CVD processes for III/V materials - Tonner Ralf (DE)

11.30 - Surface chemical modelling of a possible thermal ALD mechanism for group 13 nitrides from trimethyl metals and ammonia - Karl Ronnby (SE)

11.50 - A Reduced order modelling framework for CVD processes based on low-fidelity data - Koronaki Eleni (GR)

12.10 - In situ X-ray studies of the early stage of ZnO Atomic Layer Deposition on InGaAs - Skopin Evgeniy (RU)


Chaired by Nicolas Boscher, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

13.30 - High-throughput synthesis of graphene by plasma CVD - Masataka Hasegawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and technology, JP)

14.10 - Atmospheric pressure plasma initiated chemical vapor deposition (AP-PiCVD) - temporally isolated discharges for the growth of functional polymers - Francois Loyer (LU)

14.30 - Near room temperature plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of gold metal - Van Daele Michiel (BE)

14.50 - Stability of mechanical properties of molecular layer-deposited alucone - Utke Ivo (CH)

15.10 - Coffee break

Chaired by Christian DUSSARRAT, Air Liquide Laboratories (JPN)

13.30 - Chemical vapor deposition of nanoporous metal-organic frameworks (MOF-CVD) and their integration as low-k dielectrics - Rob Ameloot (KU Leuven, BE)

14.10 - Molecular layer deposition of 'Magnesicone", a magnesium-based hybrid material - Kint Jeroen (BE)

14.30 - Polymeric Conductive Fused MetalloPorphyrin Thin Films on Sensitive Substrate for Optoelectronic Devices: An oCVD approach - Bengasi Giuseppe (LU)

14.50 - Azobenzene-containing metal-organic framework thin films by ALD/MLD - Khayyami Aida (FI)

15.10 - Coffee break

15.40 - Experimental and numerical study of an oCVD process for the deposition of PEDOT thin films - Mirabedin Milad (FR)

16.00 - Atmospheric-Pressure Synthesis of Atomically Smooth, Conformal, and Ultrathin Low-k Polymer Insulating Layers by Plasma-Initiated CVD - Abessolo Ondo Dominique (LU)

16.20 - Lithium-based metal-organic carboxylate network thin films by ALD/MLD - Penttinen Jenna (FI)

16.40 - Indium-tris-guanidinate, indium-tris-amidinate and indium-tris-formamidinate as indium precursors for plasma ALD of InN films. - Rouf Polla (SE)

Chaired by Nicolas Boscher, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

15.40 -  Atomic layer deposition onto reinforcement fiber fabrics - Dill Pauline (DE)

16.00 - Nitrogen doping of Al- and Ti-phosphate through plasma-enhanced ALD - Henderick Lowie (BE)

16.20 - Rare-earth-containing zirconia as thermal barrier coating materials for plastic processing tools and device development for heat transfer measurement - Fornalczyk Gregor (DE)

16.40 - Low temperature Zinc-doped Alumina and Alucone by ALD for flexible and transparent gas permeation barriers - Bhudia Shiv (LU)

1        Growth mechanism of III-V nanowires depending on the temperature and pressure: ab-initio thermodynamic study; Jung-Hae Choi, In Won Yeu, Han Gyuseung, Cheol Seong Hwang

2        UV-Spectroscopic investigation of Al (acac)3 precursor delivery and stability; Sebastian Grimm, Tina Kasper, Burak Atakan

3        In situ and in vacuo studies on plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of cobalt; Martin Knaut, Johanna Reif, Sebastian Killge, Matthias Albert, Johann W. Bartha

4        Computational screening of cobalt precursors for CVD and ALD applications; Xiao Hu, Jörg Schuster, Stefan Schulz

5        Surface reactions during thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of titanium dioxide films using tetrakis (dimethylamino) titanium; Sofie S.T. Vandenbroucke, Elisabeth Levrau, Matthias Minjauw, et al.

6        Chlorosilane gas transport real-time monitoring using quartz crystal microbalance set at an exhaust of slim vertical cold wall chemical vapour deposition reactor; Toshinori Takahashi, Mitsuko Muroi, Kenta Irikura, Miya Matsuo, Ayami Yamada, Hitoshi Habuka, Yuuki Ishida, Shiro Hara, Shin-ichi Ikeda

7        Sticking coefficient estimation for TaN ALD using a combined simulative and experimental approach; Linda Jäckel, Martin Knaut, Jörg Schuster

8        Influence of the Geometric Parameters on the Deposition Mode in Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition: A Novel Approach to Area-Selective Deposition; David Muñoz-Rojas

9        What limits the conductivity of ZnO: Al thin films deposited by atmospheric pressure Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition? A new model to link electrical properties and deposition conditions; David Muñoz-Rojas

10      Enabling Nucleation Phenomena studies of ALD Deposited Films by In-situ High-Resolution TEM; Stephanie Burgmann, Abdulla Bin Afif, J Provine, Antonius T. J. van Helvoort, Jan Torgersen

11      Derivation of the analytical solutions of deposition profiles in chemical vapor deposition reactors and their application to high-throughput modeling of reactions; Takahiro Takahashi, Eisuke Nakazawa, Daiki Masuoka, Kenta Suzuki

12      The automatic experimental design for modelling the reaction mechanism of chemical vapor deposition using multi-objective optimization algorithms; Takahiro Takahashi, Ryosuke Tsuchiya, Masamoto Arakawa

13      Overview of doctoral theses on Atomic Layer Deposition collected in the Virtual Project on the History of ALD; Jaan Aarik, Jussi Aav, Esko Ahvenniemi, Andrew R. Akbashevet al.

14      Growth of MoS2 in a 300mm Atomic Layer Deposition Reactor: Structural and Electronic Properties; Ian Povey, Paul Hurley, Scott Monaghan, Jun Lin, Connolly James, Farzan Gity, Katie O'Neill, Georg Duesberg, Niall McEvoy

15      Array of single-walled carbon nanotubes with controlled parameters for gas detection devices ; Victor Klimin, Alexey Rezvan, Oleg Ageev

16      Atomic layer deposition of highly stoichiometric Cu2SnS3 films as absorber materials for photovoltaic cells; Raphael Edem Agbenyeke, Bo Keun Park, Taek-Mo Chung, Young Kuk Lee, Chang Gyoun Kim

17      Alkylsilyl-and alkylstanylselenides: A comparative study; Jaroslav Charvot, Filip Bures, Jan Macák

18      Low-Temperature Plasma ALD of Niobium Nitride Films with RF Substrate Biasing for Superconducting Applications; Yi Shu, Aileen O'Mahony, Harm Knoops, Agnieszka Kurek, Thomas Miller, Owain Thomas, Chris Hodson

19      Structural and morphological properties of hot-wire deposited MoS2 thin films; Giorgos Papadimitropoulos, Alberto Gasparotto, Davide Barreca, Athanasios Kontos, Dimitris Davazoglou, Dimitris Kouvatsos

20      Arrays of ZnO nanopyramids grown on their tips by chemical vapor deposition; Chiara Maccato, Davide Barreca, Thomas Altantzis, Kimmo Kaunisto, Alberto Gasparotto

21      Towards stoichiometric LiNbO3 epitaxial thin films grown by Direct Liquid Injection MOCVD; Vincent Astié, Stefania Oliveri, Cyril Millon, Samuel Margueron, Marina Raschetti, Jean-Manuel Decams, Boulet Pascal, Ausrine Bartasyte

22      Structural and electrical properties AlN thin films grown by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition on GaN substrates; Raffaella Lo Nigro, Filippo Giannazzo, Emanuela Schilirò, Giuseppe Greco et al.

23      Tuning the Texture and Electrical Properties of Cu2O Thin Films Deposited via Aerosol-Assisted CVD; David Muñoz-Rojas

24      Controlling properties of zinc oxide thin films grown by thermal atomic layer deposition with oxygen gas; Tai Nguyen, Noureddine Adjeroud, Yves Fleming, Nathalie Valle, Kevin Menguelti, Jérôme Guillot, Jérôme Polesel

25      Atomic layer etching method for removal of disturbed layers obtained by plasma-chemical etching, followed by the growth of quantum dots GaAs by dropping epitaxy; Victor Klimin, Alexey Rezvan, Maksim Solodovnik, Oleg Ageev

26     Au nanoparticles supported by titania: a vapor deposition approach via ALD; Fatemeh S. M. Hashemi, Fabio Grillo, Vikram R. Ravikumar, Dominik Benz, Ankit Shekhar, Mattew B. E. Griffiths, Seán T. Barry, J. Ruud van Ommen

27     Al2O3 thin films prepared by a modified H2O-based PEALD for encapsulation applications; Zhen Zhu, Saoussen Merdes, Kenichiro Mizohata, Oili Ylivaara, Mikko Heikkilä, Emma Salmi

28      Low-temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of alumina and titania for encapsulation; Maïmouna W. Diouf, Maxime E. Dufond, Jacques Kools, Lionel Santinacci

29      Homo-IPNs thin films with tuneable nanoscale viscoelastic domains from telechelic poly(ethylene glycol) oligomers; Edyta Monika NIemczyk, Robert Quintana, Pierre Verge

30      Nanostructure generation and surface area enhancement in bi-phase TiO2 based photocatalytic coatings by pp-MOCVD; Rukmini Gorthy, Martha Mecartney, Yingjie Yang, Mingjie Xu, Toshihiro Aoki, Jian-Guo Zheng, Johann Land, Catherine Bishop, Susan Krumdieck

31      Surface carbonization of Si (100) substrate by heat treatment in CH4/H2 atmosphere; Ryouya Sugawara, Yuki Katamune, Akira Izumi

32      Large-area and roll-to-roll Atmospheric Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition for thin-film photovoltaics; Fieke Van den Bruele, Corné Frijters, Pieter-Jan Bolt, Andrea Illiberi, Valerio Zardetto, Paul Poodt

33      Magnetic and electrical properties of atomic layer deposited iron and bismuth oxide layered structures; Seemen Helina, Dueñas Salvador, Castán Helena, Link Joosep, Stern Raivo, Jõgiaas Taivo, Kukli Kaupo, Tamm Aile

34      A liquid alkoxide precursor for the atomic layer deposition of aluminum oxide films; Liao Cao, Felix Mattelaer, Jolien Dendooven, Christophe Detavernier

35      New atmospheric pressure plasma torch CVD process for micro-printing of organic functional layer; Kishor Acharya, Simon Bulou, Thomas Gaulain, Mathieu Gérard, Jérôme Bour, Patrick Choquet

36      Towards faster growth of hybrid films by spatial molecular layer deposition; Hardik Jain, Fieke Van den Bruele, Paul Poodt

37      Chemical vapor deposition of Tin and of Erbium oxide and Er doped SnO2 films; Dimitris Davazoglou, Konstantina Peloriadou, George Papadimitropoulos, Nikolaos Vourdas, Anastasia Soultati, Vasilopoulou Maria, Ioannis Aviziotis, Andreas Boudouvis

38      Development of Low Temperature Atmospheric Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition System for Al2O3 Thin Film based on Roll to Roll Process; Jae-Wook Lee, Hyeon-Beom Kim, Afaque Manzoor Soomro, Seong-Woo Mun, Kyung-Hyun Choi

39      STM analysis made easy; Mads Engelund, Stanislav Kharitonov

40      Recent advances in rare-earth precursor chemistry for CVD/ALD: An overview; Nils Boysen, Sebastian M. J. Beer, Lukas Mai, Parmish Kaur, Annika Krusenbaum, Daniel Baier, Jan-Niklas Huster, Anjana Devi

41      Hybrid CVD-ALD for the synthesis of immobilised CNT/Metal oxide smart black nanocomposite coatings; Vasu Prasadam, Naoufal Bahlawane

42      Extraordinary synergetic effect in laser CVD deposition of SiBCN films; Ivan Merenkov, Katsui Hirokazu, Goto Takashi, Marina Kosinova

43      Ferromagnetic SiCxNy:Fe films with tailored conductivity for spintronics; Roman Pushkarev, Nadezhda Fainer, Natalya Stepina, Victor Kirienko, Svetlana Trubina, Simon Ehrenburg

44      Bioactive silver nanoparticles produced by CVD technique on titanium customized implants surface; Piotr Piszczek, Aleksandra Radtke, Marlena Grodzicka, Michalina Ehlert, Michał Bartmański, Tomasz Jędrzejewski

45      Atomic layer deposition as a tool for nanoscale inorganic-organic hybrid photovoltaics; Jaspreet Kainth, Martin Heeney, Martyn McLachlan

46      ZrO2 polymorphs in atomic layer deposited Al2O3-ZrO2 thin films and related properties; Jõgiaas Taivo, Kaupo Kukli, Aile Tamm

47      Automated exploration of reaction networks in the chemical vapor deposition by density functional theory; Pieck Fabian

48      Easy polymeric nanofillings by capillary condensation; Ville A. Lovikka, Marianna Kemell, Marko Vehkamäki, Markku Leskelä

49      The use of the Fluidized-Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition Process for Additive Manufacturing applications - Pierre Lassegue, Sébastien Donet, Guilhem Roux

Chaired by Francis Maury, CIRIMAT-CNRS (FR)

Moderator: Michael Hitchman (UK)
Chemical provider: Christian Dussarrat, Air Liquide Laboratories (JP)
Equipement supplier: Tero Pilvi, Picosun (FI)
Metrology: Christophe Defranoux, Semilab (HU)


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