Provisional Programme

Chaired by Raymond Adomaitis, University of Maryland (USA)

09.00 - Precursors for focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID) of nanostructures - Lisa McElwee-White (University of Florida, USA)

09.40 - Local structure and point-defect dependant selective atomic layer deposition of copper(I) oxide and metallic copper thin films - Claudia De Melo (FR)

10.00 - Inherent substrate-selective atomic layer deposition of polycrystalline gallium nitride - Banerjee Sourish (NL)

10.20 - Area-selective deposition on nanoscale metal/dielectric patterns by surface-dependent dimethylamino-trimethylsilane reaction - Soethoudt Job (BE)

10.40 - Coffee break

11.10 - Selective materials deposition and etching from the gas phase - selectivity and limitations - Hoffmann Patrik (CH)

11.30 - Synthesis of novel Lithium Adducts as Precursors for Lithium containing phases - Peddagopu Nishant (IT)

11.50 - Plasma CVD of first-row transition metals using plasma electrons as reducing agents - Nadhom Hama (SE)

12.10 - MOCVD process design for luminescent rare-earth sulfides circumventing H2S as co-reactant - Beer Sebastian Markus Josef (DE)

12.30 - Nanostructure generation and surface area enhancement in bi-phase TiO2 based photocatalytic coatings by pp-MOCVD  - Susan Krumdieck (NZ)

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