Provisional Programme

Chaired by Cheol Seong Hwang, Seoul National University (KR)

09.00 - Electrode design through chemical vapor depostion for rechargeable batteries - Yinzhu Jiang (Zhejiang University, CHN)

09.40 - Synthesis of self-assembled 3D nanostructures for UV-NIR broadband absorber - Ziegler Mario (DE)

10.00 - Atomic Layer Deposition at the heart of an innovating strategy to fabricate stable and efficient photoanode for water photooxidation - Dufond Maxime (FR)

10.20 - A thorough characterization of ALD Pt catalysts for fuel cells by X-ray absorption spectroscopy - Dadlani Anup (NO)

10.40 - Coffee break

11.10 - Stability Enhancement of Silver Nanowire Networks with Conformal ZnO Coatings Deposited by Atmospheric Pressure Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition - David Munoz-Rojas (FR)

11.30 - Approaching 10% power conversion efficiency in solar cells using CuSCN hole transport material deposited via aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition - Mohan Lokeshwari (UK)

11.50 - Atomic layer deposition of localised boron- and hydrogen-doped aluminium oxide using trimethyl borate as a dopant precursor - Jolien Dendooven (BE)

12.10 - MnO2-based nanosystems by Plasma Assisted-CVD as sensors for safety and food industry applications - Barreca Davide (IT)

Chaired by Renaud Leturcq, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

13.30 - Yukihiro Shimogaki (University of Tokyo, JPN)

14.10 - High temperature XRD and XRR studies on atomic layer deposited niobium oxide - silicon oxide nanolaminates - Mikko Heikkila (FI)

14.30 - ALD of ZnO-SnO2 composite thin-film for lithium ion battery applications - Zhao Bo (BE)

14.50 - Al2O3/ZnO nanolaminate thin films deposited on polyethylene terephthalate substrates by ALD: Fracture mechanics and oxygen gas barrier properties - Janne-Petteri Niemelae (CH)

15.10 - Zinc oxide material elaboration by atomic layer deposition, role of molecular oxygen incorporation and Schottky consecutive behaviour - Raoul Joly (LU)

15.30 - Coffee break

Chaired by Francis Maury, CIRIMAT-CNRS (FR)

13.30 - Chemical Vapor Infiltration for Carbon/Carbon Composites – from industry to research and back- Gerard Vignoles (University of Bordeaux - FR)

14.10 - A surface inhibiting effect in chemical vapor deposition of boron-carbon thin films from trimethylboron - Souqui Laurent (SE)

14.30 - AlN coatings on 3D titanium alloy structures elaborated by Electron Beam Melting - Moll Adrien (FR)

14.50 - Low temperature atomic layer deposition of silicon nitride in trench structure: Comparing hollow cathode plasma-enhanced ALD and thermal ALD with hydrazine - Kim Jiyoung (USA)

15.10 - Pulsed CVD/ALD of amorphous GeSe for application as OTS selector - Haider Ali (BE)

15.30 - Coffee break

Chaired by Renaud Leturcq, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LU)

16.00 - Atomic layer deposition of metal oxide nanolaminates exhibiting nonlinear electrical and magnetic polarization with tunable resistivity - Kukli Kaupo (EE)

16.20 - New synergic deposition route for the osteointegrative functionalisation of titanium substrates for dental implant applications - Visentin Francesca (IT)

16.40 - A new MOCVD process for SnO2 using an amino functionalised tin alkyl precursor: Tuning of surface morphology for sensor related applications - Zanders David (DE)

Chaired by Francis Maury, CIRIMAT-CNRS (FR)

16.00 - Drug elution system based on a sandwich layer structure grown onto commercially-available stents using atomic layer deposition - Pemble Martyn (IRL)

16.20 - In situ thermal annealing of ALD fabricated Pt nanoparticles and their stabilization via Al2O3 overcoating - Solano Eduardo (SP)

16.40 - Developing upscalable routes to water splitting devices using chemical vapour deposition - Kafizas Andreas (UK)

1              MOCVD approach for the synthesis of Ln3+ doped NaYF4 fluoride thin films: pros and cons of mono-and heterobimetallic b-diketonate precursors; Anna Lucia Pellegrino, Graziella Malandrino, Sergio Battiato, Patrizia Rossi, Paola Paoli

2              Influencing the gas barrier performance of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposited metal oxide thin films; Lukas Mai, Maximilian Gebhard, Felix Mitschker, Peter Awakowicz, Anjana Devi

3              On the role of the co-reactant during plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of Pd; Ji-Yu Feng, Ranjith Ramachandran, Matthias Minjauw, Michiel Van Daele, Eduardo Solano, Timo Sajavaara, Christophe Detavernier, Jolien Dendooven

4              Alkyl-substituted cyclopentadienyl complexes of iridium (I) with cyclooctadiene: synthesis, thermal behavior and application in MOCVD; Dmitry Bonegardt, Igor Ilyin, Asiya Turgambaeva, Natal'ya Morozova

5              Comparison of Zr ALD-precursors for semiconductor applications; Monica Materano, Claudia Richter, Terence Mittmann, Chuanzhen Zhou, Jacob L. Jones, Thomas Mikolajick, Uwe Schroeder

6              Cost-reducing PE-ALD processes for pure and doped SiO2 thin films; Geert Rampelberg, Véronique Cremers, Andreas Werbrouck, Jolien Dendooven, Christophe Detavernier

7              A new nickel oxide CVD process utilizing the nickel β-ketoiminato precursor class; Dennis Zywitzki, Detlef Rogalla, Anjana Devi

8              Volatile Heteroleptic Tin (IV) Aminoalkoxides as MOCVD Precursors for SnO2 Thin Films: A Comparative Study of Fluorinated and Non-fluorinated Ligands; Alexandre Verchère, Shashank Mishra, Stéphane Danièle, Erwann Jeanneau, Hervé Guillon, Jean-Manuel Decams

9              Implementation of Venyltrimethoxysilane for the Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Oxide; Serge Fomekia, Vasu Prasadam, Naoufal Bahlawane

10           Low temperature CVD pure boron layers for Si micromachining; Xingyu Liu, Lis Navner

11           Self-Limited Area Selective Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition of Copper Films for Advanced Interconnects; Mathias Franz, Marcel Melzer, Colin Georgi, Stefan Schulz

12           Chemical vapor deposition of MgO-based thin films with enhanced secondary electron emission; Evgeniia Vikulova, Ksenia Zherikova, Sergey Zabuslaev, Alena Pochtar', Natalia Morozova, Inga Vasilieva

13           A layer by layer approach towards SrTiO3 growth on silicon by ALD; Yves Dumont, Bruno Berini, Corinne Sartel, Mathieu Frégnaux, Damien Aureau, Gaëlle Amiri, L. Yedra, Said Hassani, Olena Popova, Brahim Dkhil, Vincent Sallet

14           Atomic layer deposition of metal oxides using La (NO3)3,6H2O catalytic oxidant; In-Sung Park

15           Rational Development of ALD Precursors for p-Type SnO Thin Films; Hannah Sullivan, James Parish, Andrew Johnson

16           The preparation of NiO thin films by PEALD; Jerome Innocent, Mari Napari, Judith Driscoll, Andrew Johnson

17           Cupric oxide thin films grown by atomic layer deposition; Aile Tamm, Aivar Tarre, Helina Seemen, Artjom Vargunin, Kaupo Kukli, Joosep Link, Valeriy Verchenko, Raivo Stern

18           Atomic layer deposition of ZnO films doped with transition metal oxides; Blagoy Blagoev, P. Terziyska, I. Avramova, P. Tzvetkov, V. Mehandzhiev, D. Kovacheva, A. Paskaleva

19           Deposition of tungsten oxide and silver decorated tungsten oxide for use in oxygen gas sensing; Wangi P. Sari, Chris Blackman, Yiyun Zhu, James Covington

20           New organosilicon route to silicon oxycarbonitride thin films; Marina Kosinova, Roman Pushkarev, Olga Maslova, Vladimir Shayapov, Alexander Mareev, Vladimir Rakhlin, Irina Tsyrendorzhieva, Jiang Lijuan, Yude Yu

21           Structural and optoelectronic parameters of gradient Al-doped ZnO thin films; Mateusz Wlazlo, Marcin Bartmański, Zbigniew Starowicz, Grzegorz Putynkowski, Piotr Panek

22           Vapor-liquid-solid growth of SnO2 nanowires by atmospheric-pressure CVD and their structural, optical and gas-sensing properties; Tomoaki Terasako, Toshiki Kurashige, Hideyuki Marui, Gou Manabe, Masakazu Yagi, Masami Mori, Yoshihiko Sadaoka

23           ALD infilling of Quantum Dot thin films for increased stability and carrier mobility; Fatemeh S. M. Hashemi, Ryan W. Crisp, Jordi Alkemade, Arjan J. Houtepen, J. Ruud van Ommen

24           MOCVD of metal iridium coatings for medical electrodes: from volatile Ir (I) precursors to pacemaker testing; Ksenya Karakovskaya, Evgeniya Vikulova, Svetlana Dorovskikh, Danila Kal'nyi, Asiya Turgambaeva, Natal'ya Morozova

25           Growth and phase formation of Pd-based thin films by metal-organic chemical vapor co-deposition; Nataliya Nikolaeva, Asiya Turgambaeva, Inga Vasil'eva, Natal'ya Morozova

26           Superconducting properties of NbN thin films deposited by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition using a metalorganic precursor; Carmen Jimenez, Liang Tian, Manoel Jacquemin, Alexandre Crisci, Arnaud Mantoux, Grégory Berthomé, Frédéric Mercier, André Sulpice, Laetitia Rapenne, François Weiss, Elisabeth Blanquet

27           Controlled Cu-promoted reactive 2D catalyst for efficient VOCs emissions abatement; Achraf El kasmi, Muhammad Waqas, Patrick Mountapmbeme Kouotou, Zhen-Yu Tian

28           Co3O4 films deposited by MOCVD: A study connecting the microstructure to the electric and electronic properties; Adeline Miquelot, Myrto Despotopoulou, Olivier Debieu, Christina Villeneuve, Nathalie Prud'homme, Constantin Vahlas

29           Perovskite Bi(1-x)DyxFeO3 thin films on Si based substrates: MOCVD growth and characterization; Quentin Micard, Gugliemo G. Condorelli, Graziella Malandrino

30           p-type thin film transistors with ALD Cu2O channel layer; Mari Napari, Mikko Heikkilä, Tomi Iivonen, Kham Niang, Jake Meeth, Mikko Ritala, Markku Leskelä, Andrew J. Flewitt, Judith L. MacManus-Driscoll

31           Stabilizing Red Fluoride Phosphors for White LEDs using Atomic Layer Deposition; Reinert Verstraete, Hannes Rijckaert, Geert Rampelberg, Elizabeth Coetsee-Hugo, Mart-Mari Duvenhage, Christophe Detavernier, Hendrik Swart, Philippe Smet, Dirk Poelman

32           Single-source precursors for the temperature-controlled deposition of iron oxide thin-films; Matthew Surman, Michael Hill, Andrew Johnson, Salvador Eslava

33           PE-CVD and PE-ALD for food packaging; Veronique Cremers, Daniel Hähnel

34           Molybdenum Disulfides and Diselenides by Atomic Layer Deposition; Raul Zazpe, Jan Prikryl, Milos Krbal, Jaroslav Charvot, Filip Dvorak, Filip Bures, Jan Macák

35           Multi-functional AlZr-TiO2 bilayer coatings for corrosion and antibiofouling prevention by photocatalytic reactions; Caroline Villardi de Oliveira, Carmen Jimènez, Akram Alhussein, Dong Zhili, Frédéric Schuster, Michel Schlegel, Fabienne Fay, Frédéric Sanchette

36           Perovskite Solar Cells using Atomic Layer Deposited Ti-doped ZnO as a Transparent Contact; Martyn Pemble, Louise Ryan, Melissa McCarthy, Scott Monaghan, Mircea Modreanu, Shane O'Brien, Ian Povey

37           Development of selenium containing single source precursors for the AACVD of SnSe and ZnSe thin films; Emily Taylor, Ibrahim Ahmet, Andrew Johnson

38           Oxidative control over SnO and SnS deposition; Andrew Johnson

39           Low temperature anatase TiO2 thin films synthesised by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition for photocatalytic properties; Benjamin Dey, Simon Bulou, Thomas Gaulain, William Ravisy, Mireille Richard-Plouet, Antoine Goullet, Agnès Granier, Patrick Choquet

40           Monitoring structural, morphological and functional characteristics of DLI-MOCVD TiO2 films through different types of precursors; Diane Samelor, Asiya Turgambaeva, Vladislav Krisyuk, Adeline Miquelot, Sergey Sysoev, Sergey Trubin, Pavel Stabnikov, Constantin Vahlas

41           Cross-over study of electric and electronic properties versus microstructure of MOCVD processed TiO2 anatase films for solar water splitting; Adeline Miquelot, Olivier Debieu, Vincent Rouessac, Christina Villeneuve, Nathalie Prud'homme, Jérémy Cure, Vassilios Constantoudis, George Papavieros, Stéphanie Roualdes, Constantin Vahlas

42           Highly-efficient and stable organic photovoltaics using sodium metatungtate-mixed ZnO as electron extraction layer; Anastasia Soultati, Panagiotis Argitis, Dimitris Davazoglou, Maria Vasilopoulou

43           Development of nanostructured FTO films as transparent and diffuse electrodes for enhanced photovoltaic performances; Soraya Lakhdar Chaouche

44           Al2O3 coated Au@WO3 and its potential application in photoelectrochemistry; Xueming Xia, Chris Blackman

45           Metamaterial Design and Elaborative Approach for Efficient Selective Solar Absorber; Nikhar Khanna, Mohamed El Hachemi

46           Mn3O4-based nanosystems: from fabrication to hydrogen photogeneration; Davide Barreca, Lorenzo Bigiani, Chiara Maccato, Alberto Gasparotto, Cinzia Sada, Matteo Monai, Sara Martí-Sanchez, Jordi Arbiol, Paolo Fornasiero

47           Magnetic and electrical properties of atomic layer deposited iron and bismuth oxide layered structures; Helina Seemen, Salvador Dueñas, Helena Castán, Joosep Link, Raivo Stern, Taivo Jõgiaas, Kaupo Kukli, Aile Tamm

48           Chemical vapor deposition of silicon carbide from vinyltrichlorosilane and other precursors; Anthony Desenfant, Guillaume Laduye, Stéphane Goujard, Gérard Vignoles, Georges Chollon 

49           The scalablity of low-temperature thermal ALD of SiO2- from single wafer to batch; Jesse Kalliomäki, Miia Mäntymäki, Tero Lehto, Shashank Shukla, Markku Kääriä, Tiina Sarnet

50           The effect of impurities on properties of atomic layer deposited Y2O3 thin films; Jesse Kalliomäki, Tero Lehto, Markku Kääriä, Tiina Sarnet

51           Conformality analysis of the archetype aluminium oxide ALD process in 3rd-generation silicon-based lateral high-aspect-ratio test structures; Oili Ylivaara, Jihong Yim, Markku Ylilammi, Mikko Utriainen, Riikka Puurunen

52           Evaluation of Dielectric ALD with Hydrogen Peroxide: Comparison of Growth and Film Characteristics for Anhydrous H2O2, H2O2/H2O Mixtures and H2O; Jeffrey Spiegelman, Daniel Alvarez, Keisuke Andachi

53          Improvement of demolding properties in injection molding processes by application of metal oxide thin films; Vanessa Frettlöh, Matthias Korres, Frank Mumme

54          Continuous dosage of solid state precursor material for MOCVD processes and the laser structuring of so-obtained zirconia thin films; Michaela Sommer, Christopher Beck, Frank Mumme

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