Provisional Programme

Chaired by Sven Van Elschocht, IMEC (BE)

09.00 - Atomic layer deposited Ta2O5 thin film for the resistive switching memory - Cheol Seong Hwang ( Seoul National University, KR)

09.40 - Defect engineering of atomic layer deposited TiO2 for photocatalytic applications - Saari Jesse (FI)

10-00 - CuCrO2 deposited by AA-MOCVD as p-type transparent semiconducting oxide: deposition optimization and application in CuCrO2/ZnO junctions - Lorenzo Bottiglieri (FR)

10.20 - Support effect of Fe-Cu-Co thin film catalyst on CO oxidation - Waqas Muhammad (CHI)

10.40 - Coffee break

11.10 - Fabrication of WO3 thin films from a new tungsten precursor: Film growth and investigation of surface and sensing properties - Wilken Martin (DE)

11.30 - Towards high crystalline quality europium doped yttrium oxide thin films grown by ALD with optimized properties for quantum technologies - Scarafagio Marion (FR)

11.50 - ZnO thin films grown by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition: material properties in and outside the ALD window - Pilz Julian (AUT)

12.10 - Closing Session

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